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A Few Words About Us

COST Accountant was founded in 1995 and since that time has grown into the largest CPA firm in the area. We are an assertive firm providing our clients a full range of services.

Our offices are located in the Intermountain West because this is where we chose to live. However, we serve a wide variety of clients located throughout the United States and even some European countries.

Qualified Employees

Our team consists of more than 20 qualified and experienced accountants, marketers, and managers.

Free Consultations

Our acquaintance with a client always begins with a free consultation to find out possible solutions to their problems.

100% Guaranteed

All results that you get from us are 100% guaranteed to bring you to a whole new level of profitability and financial success.

Learn the Cost of your Accounting Solutions Right Now!


As the most qualified accounting services provider, we offer an amazing variety of financial solutions designed to help you solve all bookkeeping issues, no matter big or small.



This package will suit you if you are a private entrepreneur or a small business owner looking for some advice in accounting.


Whether you own a small company or a mid-sized corporation, our Standard package can offer you all necessary accounting services.


Owners of international enterprises cannot go for anything less than full accounting support and that’s what we offer with this package.


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Regional Manager

Choose the Best Accountant

With a variety of accountants available at our company, you can always choose one that fits your corporate requirements.

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